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Replacement Batteries

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Replacement batteries 
for all types of vehicles

Is your car battery dead? Let the experts at Lee Hire Ltd replace it.
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Start your engine on the first go

Is getting your car started a hassle? Looking for an affordable replacement battery? Let us replace the existing battery of your car with a new one so that your car is ready to go even on cold days. We have a wide range of vehicle batteries from leading brands for you to choose from. Give us a call for quick and affordable replacement battery service. You can rely on us to dispose of the old batteries responsibly.

Choose our experts for:

  • Replacement batteries
  • Help choosing the right battery for your vehicle
  • Battery checking service
  • Variety of car batteries from leading brands
  • Mobile battery fitting

Car batteries that you can count on

We can offer you expert advice and regularly check your car to make sure the battery is working properly. We will also help you choose a battery with the ideal basic voltage and current rating for your car. If your car has stopped on the road due to a flat battery, we offer a mobile battery replacement service in Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Crawley, Henfield, Shoreham, Worthing, Billingshurst, Peacehaven, Hassocks and the surrounding areas of South East England. You can count on the team at Lee Hire Ltd for extensive garage services like brake and clutch repair, tyre replacement and more.

Choose Lee Hire Ltd to replace a car battery at an affordable price. We serve customers in Brighton, Crawley and the nearby areas. Call

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